Difficult Decisions: The Future of the CO Project Farm in Portugal

It’s been just over a year since the Covid pandemic was called. Since then, ripples of shut downs and difficult decisions have been made by individuals, families, companies and communities as the collateral damage of the virus continues to ricochet around the world.

The CO Project Farm in Portugal
Our community open days
The farmhouse and the iconic old windmill with the neighboring villages in the distance
The vista of the farm and the organic stone handmade garden beds
The farmhouse sunroom overlooking the private and secluded farmlands
After the restoration of the houses and inside the classroom
Building the biofiltration systems for the pool and how they look now
The fun and playful design features that use restored, reclaimed and recycled materials
The farmhouse master bedroom and the front of the old olive mill
The local area and the farm at sunset
The outdoor kitchen and the playful goats
The custom-designed triangle cabin and the natural swimming pool
The restored farm house and the handbuild organic vegetable beds
The Swedish hot tube and the outdoor dining area
How it started.
How it ended up.

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